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I write action packed stories for children, and will be publishing a non-fiction book for grown-ups in 2019.

My Blog: Mum’s Book Blast

I blog mostly about kids books, plus some for me, and lots of kids activities, arts and crafts. I also have a series of guest posts from other authors and bloggers which I hope you enjoy.

About Me

I was born in Edinburgh and grew up in the Scottish Highlands. I now split my time between London and Chichester, but still go back to Scotland regularly.

I also sail and ride horses, both of which I do badly.

Eternal Seas was written whilst cruising in the Mediterranean; the storm described in the book was frightening real.

Concentrating on not falling off makes writing tricky whilst horse riding. It is definitely not recommended.

This is me on our boat, Khoka Moya, which means day-dreaming, or staring at the stars. The picture was taken in Turkey at about 6 am. We were setting off very early to do a long trip up the coast.

Our boat Khoka Moya