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Privacy Policy

This website is hosted by and all data collection and cookie usage is overseen by its parent company You can read its Privacy Policy in full here:

Your personal data is only collected by this website if you choose to fill in any forms on this website.

  • Data entered into the comments forms is held by this website.
  • The contact form on this website is connected to a Hotmail account, so if you complete it, your data will be shared with Hotmail.
  • The email sign-up form for Mum’s Book Blast Blog is connected to a MailChimp account, and for the #KidsClub is connected to ConvertKit, so if you complete either, your data will be stored by them.

Any other data collected about you is held by and is only available to the end user (the owner of this website) in an anonymised form, for example, as visitor stats.

No data from this website is downloaded by the owner of the site and stored outside of the cloud services mentioned above.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact the website’s owner using the above form.

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