Creative Writing Skills


Creative Writing Front Cover

I’m so excited to share my new creative writing workbook. It’s aimed at ages seven to eleven and I really hope your kids enjoy it. I’ve included a huge range of activities, designed to tempt the reluctant writer as well as the budding War and Peace author. There are games, drawing activities, challenges and of course lots of story sparks. They’re structured in sections to build skills but you can dip in or work through them in order – it’s like a writing pik’n’mix!

I’m overwhelmed by the reader reviews – here is just a little taster for you.

And here’s the blurb …

Discover the secrets to becoming an amazing author.

  • Find your creative spark
  • Grow your skills and confidence
  • Have more fun with your writing

Packed with top tips, this awesome workbook has everything you need to know about creating colourful characters, perfect plots, dynamite dialogue, and lots more.