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This action-packed blend of magical fantasy with classic kids adventuring is a swashbuckling read, peppered with soft line-drawings and propelled by a strong sense of urgency.” LoveReading4Kids

The whole book is one fun, fast-paced adventure.” Whispering Stories

The chapters are short and snappy. With a fast moving plot that makes for an exciting read. There is plenty of mystery and adventure. All coming together to create a wonderful, exciting and intriguing story!” Rae Reads

A fabulous fantasy read that was so hard to put down! The journey of Finn and Aria has us completely gripped and engulfed throughout this magical plot. It was magnificently written with marvellous and appropriate illustrations.” Book Addict

The Relic Hunters is an adventure series for ages seven to twelve. It follows two young smugglers who must find the hidden relics and save the lost clans. But they are not the only ones looking for the relics. Sir Waldred is not far behind. Time is running out …

The blurb for Eternal Seas, The Relic Hunters #1

Such a small parcel shouldn’t cause experienced smugglers much trouble. But, as Finn and Aria discover, this is the most dangerous delivery of their lives. Battered by storms and chased across the globe by an evil warlord, they enlist the help of a strange witch-doctor. Together, they struggle to solve the mystery while the fate of an ancient civilisation depends on them, and time is running out … 

And now the blurb for Wild Sky, The Relic Hunters #2

After delivering the pearl, Finn and Aria thought life would return to normal. But with the survival of the clans still in peril, they must continue their quest. Can they find the next relic before the forces of evil? Not everyone is who they appear to be, and time is running out …

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