Hi, thanks for stopping by! If we haven’t met before, I write fun activity books and action-packed adventures for children, teach creative writing, and run a book club. I’m passionate about developing a love of reading and writing in children and am honoured to be described by LoveReading4Kids as an “ambassador of children’s literature.” When I’m not writing, I can usually be found outside, either horse riding or walking my dog.


The books

My best-selling fun activity books for children are designed to inspire a love of reading and writing.

  • Creative Writing Skills covers all aspects of fiction writing and has been translated into German, Italian, and Spanish.
  • Wicked Writing Skills explores the creative side of persuasive writing, opinions, debates and more!
  • Scavenger Art is packed with creative challenges for indoors and outdoors.
  • Horsing Around is the ultimate journal and activity book for young horse riders.
  • BElieve in YOUrself is packed with guided activities to encourage mindfulness, confidence, and self esteem.
  • The Book Dragon Club helps young readers to set up their own book club with loads of activities an challenges to tackle.

My fantasy adventure series, The Relic Hunters, is brim full of witch-doctors, fortune-tellers, warriors and smugglers, combining elemental magic with hints of dystopia.

If you’re interested, you can find out more about the books here. You can also order signed copies – perfect for presents.

The newsletter

My free newsletter aims to encourage a love of reading and writing. Every month I share word based activities, book recommendations, exclusive author interviews, competitions and giveaways with other parents. If that sounds good, you can find out more and subscribe here.

The blog

I blog about kids books, activities, arts and crafts. I also have regular guest posts from other authors and bloggers which I hope you enjoy. Plus I pop in the occasional non-fiction, which might be cookery, travel, crafting or family life. Browse recent posts here.

A little bit about me

I have an active programme of school visits and other events, am a Book PenPal for three primary schools, have a free newsletter which includes book recommendations and creative writing activities.

I was born in Edinburgh and grew up in the Scottish Highlands and although I now live down south, I still go back to Scotland regularly. In my spare time, I’m a keen crafter and spend a considerable amount of time trying not to fall off horses or boats. I’m usually covered in sand, straw or glitter. Frequently in combination.

Much of The Relic Hunters series was written whilst sailing; the storm described in the first book, Eternal Seas, was frighteningly real. The picture on the left was taken in Turkey at about 6 am as we were setting off very early to do a long trip up the coast. Oh, and since I write outside, I’m obviously much more productive in summer, even when I’m on holiday!

I’m a Cairn terrier fan which is a Scottish breed. They’re supposed to be tough, but mine hate the rain and refuse to go for a walk at a mere hint of drizzle.

You might have heard a little rumour that I’m potty about ponies … rain or shine, western or dressage, or just hanging out. And I have a soft spot for black horses (I blame Black Beauty – hums theme tune!) There are four different black horses in these pics (and one grey snuck in). After surprising my friends and family by having no horses feature in Eternal Seas, there are loads in Wild Sky, and if you’re wondering, yes, they are all based on real horses. And of course Horsing Around is full of pony-themed activities, puzzles, jokes, arts and crafts, and fun facts.

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