Watership Down revisited

Cuteness overload with this book cover – as soon as it landed in my inbox I knew there was no way I could have turned down the opportunity to participate in this book tour!

That said, I’m still traumatised by being taken to the cinema to see Watership Down when I was pretty young, so when Grandpa’s whiskers started to twitch I automatically feared the worst! Thankfully this has a much more playful plot.

This is perfect book to open conversations about the weather, seasons, and also about animal habitats so can be adapted for various curriculum points. Although the author has some free colouring sheets, I’d love to see some teacher resources on their website (hint hint!).

It’s an obviously seasonal read, and I’m pleased that it is not Christmas themed making it ideal for a cold January evening or a frosty February morning.

The wonderful cute-as-a-button Beatrix Potter-esque illustrations by Becky Stout have to get a special mention.

And I absolutely love that the title The Whisker Twitchers was from a Year 3 pupil during an author visit to their school!


If you’d like a chance to win one of two signed copies and are in the UK … http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/33c69494441/


Grandad is up to something. When Bella wakes up to find him gone, she heads to the surface to look for him – but the world looks different. Can Bella conquer her hear of the unknown to find out what is going on? And where is Grandad?

Author Bio

Kathy is a children’s book author from Stoke-on-Trent, UK. Inspired by the books she was reading after the birth of her daughter in 2016, she wrote and published her first picture book, Nana Duck in 2017.

Writing is a relatively new part of my life. When I go to schools and am introduced as an author it is still a bit of a surprise to me! It was the birth of my daughter (in 2016) that changed everything. I had spent many years building up my career in accountancy, accumulating business qualifications and generally working hard in that one field. Spending time with my little girl and reading hundreds of different children’s stories really inspired me. My first book, Nana Duck, was published in 2017. It did well and I found that I enjoyed visiting schools and nurseries. There is nothing like reading your story and getting great reactions from a class full of eager little children. Now, I’m having ideas all of the time. I’m so looking forward to bringing more stories into the world, to seeing my characters come to life through the talented illustrators that I work with, and inspiring more children in my local area and beyond.

About Lexi Reeshttp://lexirees.co.ukAuthor of adventurous books for children, horse-mad sailor and crafter, caffeine fuelled.

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